Monday, July 21, 2008

Long Time, No Post

I've had numerous complaints that my blog is boring, which is understandable since I haven't posted in months.

I went to see Wall-E at midnight. I'm pretty sure the idea started as a joke, but we all made robot costumes in honor of the occasion. We expected to be the only ones in the theatre, but it ended up being packed. It was kind of embarrassing, but mostly it was hilarious

My robot costume was made at the last minute

Amber and Kevin took Rachel, Rebecca, and me to the Santa Ana Zoo.
It was a smaller zoo, so there weren't that many animals (we never did find the sloth), but Nathan was cute enough to make up for it.
We got to feed goats at the farmRachel made this too easyOn the way home we tried to keep Nathan's head from falling forward, so we tied a scarf around the seat, strapping his head in. It looked pretty funny.

I'll attempt to do a better job of updating my blog in the future!