Thursday, January 28, 2010


Bryan and I got engaged on December 15th.  That night Bryan came over to take me to dinner at Los Hermanos.  I was having some difficulty putting my shoes on because I had just painted my nails (something I never do).  I got one shoe on fine, but asked him to help me with the other one.  He kneeled down and put my shoe on, and then he pulled out the ring.
This picture is not from the night we got engaged.  It just makes me laugh.

Even though I knew he was going to propose soon, I was still kind of surprised because I didn't realize he had the ring yet or that he had already talked to my dad (he was sneaky).  He asked me to marry him and I said yes (Bryan would point out that I actually said, "I think I will").

We're getting married on May 14th in the LA Temple.  I can't believe it's in three and a half months.  Time flies when you are engaged!  We're both really excited.