Friday, March 11, 2011

some Valentine's details

After we took down our Christmas decorations, I knew we had to decorate for Valentine's Day because our house looked so empty.  I found a bunch of craft/decorating ideas (mostly from Martha Stewart) and had some friends over to make them.  I made wax paper and crayon hearts (they're meant to go in windows to look like stained glass, but I just put them on the wall), heart doilies (like paper snowflakes), and some paper hearts to hang above our kitchen table.  They all turned out pretty good, and it was a lot of fun getting together to do something crafty with friends

Bryan and I got tickets to see Ballet West perform Sleeping Beauty at the Capitol Theatre on Friday.  It was the perfect ballet to see for non-ballet-goers (i.e. us) because we knew the story and we both really like the music.   

 Bryan also got me roses and See's candy (which is the key to my heart. The See's, not the roses. Flowers are just an added bonus)
Saturday we went bowling with Bryan's cousin Erick and his fiancĂ©e Sam.  Some days I'm okay at bowling, but the last few times we've gone I've done horribly.  I was totally expecting to get a million gutter balls (and I did get some), but I actually got some strikes (as in, more than 3 per game).  You may also notice I got three strikes in a row on our last game, meaning I got a turkey.  We celebrated this accomplishment by getting a turkey sandwich and fries from the Creamery.
 For Valentine's Day we decided to make dinner so we won't have to go to an overcrowded restaurant.  We made a caramelized fennel and pancetta salad, bacon-wrapped filet mignon, and homemade rolls (which are not pictured because I took pictures before they were cooked).  It all turned out really good, and we got to use our meat thermometer (which made me feel better about having bought one a little while ago).
The finished product:
The empty space on the plate is were the roll should go 
 We had a fun Valentine's Day Week