Monday, August 18, 2008

Alice in Wonderland and the Getty

Allison and Alyx decided to throw a surprise Alice in Wonderland party for Alisha's birthday so I helped them plan and make costumes/food/decorations.

It turned out really amazing, mainly because everyone went all out on the costumes. I was the white rabbit, Allison was the caterpillar, Sean was the Ace of Hearts, Tim was Tweedle Dum, Carly was Tweedle Dee, Tom was the King of Hearts, Bryce was the Mad Hatter, Alyx was the Cheshire Cat, and Alisha was Alice.

We started off with a tea party.
Lemonade, Sandwiches, and a Doormouse
Alisha was completely surprised. After she came out and saw the set up, we had her change into the costume we had for her, complete with dress, apron, bloomers, and petticoat (I made everything but the dress)
After tea we played Croquet. I think Carly or Alisha won. Mainly I just remember that I did the worst.

Allison, Alisha, and Alyx
Saturday I met up with my roommate Sarah at the Getty. The Bernini statues and the Women in Art and Science exhibits were my favorite (this time). The Art and Science exhibit made us wish we were good at ink drawing and painting so we could draw pictures of insects and flowers.
We sat in the shade of the garden for a while

The garden was in full bloom.
The Art and Science exhibit had an art area where we got to color some pictures of bugs

We enjoyed it a little too much. We were also the oldest people coloring. After the Getty we got food at the Ye Olde King's Head near Third Street Promenade, were we ate Treacle Sponge Cake in honor of Harry Potter. It was fun hanging out with Sarah since I haven't seen her in months. We've decided we need to have art days when we get back to BYU since we won't be roommates anymore.